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Here is a breakdown of each step on the road to my FIX: 1. Replaced throttle body with a Recycled Ebay Throttle body ($50) new OEM is $284. 2. Took vehicle to dealership for Firmware update of PCM software ($125) 3. Dealership Diagnoses PCM needs to be Replaced ($65) 4. Instead of letting Dealership Replace PCM I.Car sounded like it was about to shutoff. So i shutoff car and started it back up. That took care of the ETC and Stability light however the check engine light was still on. So, being that there is only about 3000 miles on the car i took it to the dealership. They kept it overnight and apparently had to contact Dodge.

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The Dodge Electronic Throttle Control Warning Light may indicate a problem with the electronic throttle control system. Some common causes of the light turning on include a bad throttle cable, broken or defective electric motor, and dirty air filters.Electronic Throttle Control indicator light. As I began to accelerate my jeep after making a right turn, the jeep stumbled and stalled. I looked at my instrument panel and I had the "Electronic Throttle Control" indicator light on. I turned the ignition and started her back up and the RPM revved up to 1500 and stayed there; it would not come down.When I start, especially on the 1st start in the morning, I get the red battery light at the bottom left of the dashboard cluster, which sadly after 3 years is probably close to needing replacement. But, I also get another warning flash that i can't seem to find what it is. It's a "z" looking symbol surrounded by backwards parentheses.SOURCE: 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 won't start -little red light on dash came on my power locks dont work or heated seats on my 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 i also have keyless remote entry and that dont work i took it to the dodge dealer and they had it for three days and could not find the problem they said the called dodge and did not get a answer please help 93300D6B-4D4D-9E7E-99D8-25B4690C888B 1.03.01Electronic Throttle Controls 2008 Avenger. I hope someone can help me. I have a 2008 Avenger that is beginning to throw the Electronic Throttle Control Indicator Light again. It started this in December 2016/January2017 and we replaced all the sensors and it quit. So we drove it a little longer and in February 2017 it began the light again.According to CarTreatments, the three main reasons why your throttle control warning light comes on include issues with your ETC system, which involves a failing pedal system with possible faulty wiring or pedal linkages. Another reason could be ACV butterfly valve issues, which affect your car’s throttle and idle performance.Throttle Control Warning Light: Meaning and Fix. June 27, 2023 . Contents show ...Check Details Dashboard meanings indicators jeep. Ram warningDodge ram warning truck light lights dashboard meaning brake journey Dodge ram charger truck jeep compass warning dashboard lights light meaning throttle control symbols signs electronic car journey challenger securityWarning lights jeep vehicle dodge dashboard ram chrysler light cherokee signs dash grand 2008 meaning car meanings ...The throttle control warning light, also known as the electronic throttle control (ETC) warning light, is designed to alert drivers about potential issues with the throttle system in their vehicles. This warning light typically resembles a lightning bolt, and when it illuminates on your dashboard, it’s time to pay attention.Hello! Recently, the lightning bolt warning light came on (Electronic Throttle Control). Sometimes it comes on, sometimes it doesn't. However, any time that the light does come on, the temperature gauge reads cold and will not move to warm as I drive. If the lightning bolt does not appear, the temperature gauge reads normal.10 posts · Joined 2006. #1 · Oct 21, 2006. In case anyone else is searching for similar info, here is my story: Picked up our Nitro on Wednesday (3 days ago). This morning, the Electronic Throttle Control warning light on our SXT (auto trans) comes on. I hope it's a glitch, turn vehicle off, wait, turned it back on.The 2019 Dodge Journey has 4 NHTSA complaints for the engine at 7,688 miles average. ... The vehicle's check engine, the ESC, and the electronic throttle control warning light, would all come on ...3 posts · Joined 2023. #16 · Nov 29, 2023. Hello guys, I have literally the same issue with my 2018 dodge Durango GT as fireant05, the stability control light comes on and off also my auto stop and start works but notice it only lasts about 5 seconds before it kicks the car back on. Today it gave me a service the auto/stop light on the dash ...15. ETC Warning Light The Dodge Dart Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) warning light comes on when the engine is running to indicate a problem. Often stopping, switching the engine off and back on resolves the the problem. If the light remains on, the vehicle is usually driveable, though the vehicle may enter reduced engine power mode.Discover the meaning of the electronic throttle control light, common causes for its illumination, and effective troubleshooting tips. ... A-Premium Electronic Throttle Body Compatible with Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep Vehicles - 2.4L 2.0L 1.8L - 200, Sebring, Avenger, Caliber, Journey, Compass, Patriot - Replaces 4891735AC, 4891735AD, 977-025 ...Failure Date: 09/04/2019. Vehicle throttle control lights comes on when car is in motion which will then slow down the vehicle which can cause an accident that you can no longer control the steering wheel. When that light comes one the engine light and traction control lights come on as well. When on the highway car will lose acceleration which ...The ETC, TC, check engine, and 4WD warning lights came on, accompanied by a much more pronounced rough idle. Put old throttle body back in after cleaning it up a bit (though it didn't look very dirty) Reverted to same behavior prior to installing new throttle body (periodic appearance of ETC & TC lights that go away with …Here are the reasons for the electronic throttlThe traction control systems detect when Electronic Throttle Body for Dodge Avenger Caliber Journey, Chrysler 200 Sebring, Jeep Compass Patriot, 1.8L 2.0L 2.4L OE Number: 4891735AC 4891735AD 977-025 ... electronic throttle warning light on dash, power surging or hesitation on acceleration on your Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler, then you likely have a problem with your throttle body ... The Dodge Journey traction control light could signal that yo Exterrior: Ultra Motorsports Gauntlet +27mm on 35" BFG Mud Terrains, Smoked third brake light, Black painted headlights Interrior: All pillars painted black, 5% rear windows and eyebrow Performance: Superchips 3865, straight piped 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 QC Hemi SLT - Current 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 QC Hemi SLT many mods - Sold … The family and I were on our way for a road trip thi

If its like a faulty "electronic throttle control module" I had on a mustang I had back in the day its really scary if it starts acting up. It is for the electronic throttle. A quick flash is odd. Usually it will stay on if there's an issue. Check to see if you have any codes.The warning light of Dodge Grande Caravan blinks on will dashboard when the battery system is relieve or may is overcharging stylish is van. A may also indicate a malfunction swells in the battery system. So, do check it the Swerve service station. Know your instrument warning lights. Learn more at Stewed Hansen Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT.2018 Journey 2.4L CEL(Check engine light), ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) light (lightning bolt) and traction control light on. Stalling and limp mode FIXED in FIRST ATTEMPT(So far lol) By MLitty , June 18 in Engine & TransmissionThe traction control system (TCS) is a safety system that detects when a car's wheel slips and loses grip on the road. The system then automatically slows the slipping wheel's speed. Traction ...

Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning Light This warning light will illuminate to indicate a problem with the ETC system. If a problem is detected while the vehicle is running, the light will either stay on or flash depending on the nature of the problem. Cycle the ignition when the vehicle is safely and completely stopped and the2013 dodge journey electronic throttle control. 107000. Oil changes every 4000 to 5000. Normal things that need fixed - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic ... dodge chargerI have a 2013 Dodge Charger.I warning light came on with no specific indicator.I checked the oil and it was severly low even though I had an oil change 3500 miles ago ...The problem I am encountering is the Electronic Throttle Control warning light coming on (lightning bolt, red) followed by the ESP light (Vehicle with squiggly trail). My speed becomes limited to 50mph and I am unable to accelerate. The first time this happened, I was traveling about 70mph on the freeway. ETC comes on (with a chime) ……

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. 9 Nov 2022 ... Dodge Charger, Electronic throttle body li. Possible cause: Electronic Throttle Body Light is On. This is my first post here, I hope this is the right.

Electronic Throttle Body Light is On. This is my first post here, I hope this is the right forum for this. LMK if it is not. I have been lurking for a year now (every since I got my 2010 r/t) and I need your experience and help. 2 Local mechanics and the local dodge dealer cannot/ will not work on my car.Hey guy, I have a problem. So I was on my way to work early in the morning. About 34 degree out side. 2 minutes into my drive, my Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) and engine light came on simultaneously. I had no problem with truck power or anything. I notice that my Engine Temperature Warning Light remained on cool the whole ride to work. I ...2017. Engine. 5.7. Takotzen said: Just got a "service electronic throttle control" message while on my way to the store, which lasted not even 5 seconds before disappearing. The. warning message didn't return while on my way back home. I have a 2017 1500 sport with 43000 miles. I didn't notice any difference in performance or drivability.

Discover the meaning of the electronic throttle control light, common causes for its illumination, and effective troubleshooting tips. ... A-Premium Electronic Throttle Body Compatible with Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep Vehicles - 2.4L 2.0L 1.8L - 200, Sebring, Avenger, Caliber, Journey, Compass, Patriot - Replaces 4891735AC, 4891735AD, 977-025 ...Look for any loose connections, corroded wires, or signs of a short circuit. Any faulty wiring will need to be repaired or replaced. This will also cause the throttle control light to come on. Step 4: Check the Throttle Position Sensor - Inspect the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for any signs of damage.

2017 Dodge Journey 2.4L engine, ETC light is on, Traction c 4 Throttle Control Warning Light On problem of the 2009 Dodge Journey. Failure Date: 10/17/2011. At 37,600 miles the cars electronic throttle control indicator lit and the car would not start. The car was towed to the dealership and the dealership reported it was a bad starter. The 2013 Dodge Avenger has 3 problems reported for electrHave you ever experienced the frustration of seeing y The ETC warning light illuminates the dashboard to alert you to potential problems. A check engine light: This could be an early warning sign of an ETC issue. Seek …Next, the Electronic Throttle Control warning light along with the written warning comes up on the screen. Then the Jeep loses power and will only go about 5 miles an hour. I took it to the dealership after the first episode and they replaced the accelerator pedal. It seemed to be fixed but happened again. If its like a faulty "electronic throttle con Well my Jeep Wrangler dash is lit up like a Christmas tree again. Today I am fixing the electronic throttle control warning light (red lightning bolt symbol)...Below are some causes of a “service electronic throttle control” warning message in a Ram 1500. 1. Damaged electric motor. The electronic motor is one of the most important components in an ETC system. When it is damaged, there is no way the ETC system can control the throttle valve. 2 Throttle Control Warning Light On problem of the 2010 Dodge The problem I am encountering is the ElectronOrder Dodge Caliber Electronic Throttle Controller online today. Fr Failure Date: 01/10/2012. The contact owns a 2009 Dodge Journey. The contact stated that there was an intermitant failure within the electronic throttle control. The failure caused the vehicle to decelerate and it would not accelerate beyond 20 mph. The contact stated that the electronic throttle control light illuminated during the failure. The brake warning light indicates that your Journey Electronic throttle control (ETC) is a throttle control system that is controlled by sensors and your car’s computer (ECU). As we previously mentioned, older vehicles use a cable system to control the throttle. However, electronic throttle control systems are present on most newer vehicles. The gas pedal is connected to a sensor that tells ... When the electronic throttle light comes on while driving, [Because the ABS and traction control systemsEngine Stalling. Another common symptom of electronic throttle co Driving home from work (about 10:45p on 7/22/2021), when, without warning, the ETC (electronic throttle control) and the Trac light came on. This led to an immediate lose of power with no ability ...